Mech Game Concept


This is all concept and is likely changing (in my head) as I write this.

I’ve been pondering on a game concept, I love science fiction and know doesn’t want to wreak havoc in a huge stompy robot every once and awhile. It began with an idea for a mechanic; which I’m sure someone has had before me but it’s not one I’ve encountered in the real world.

Descending Dice

Lets use ammo for this one, you fire your weapons on a round and instead of track each bullet you roll a dice. You currently have d10 ammo and after you fire your weapon you roll a d10, on a one you drop down a dice to d8. This continues on until you roll a 1 on a d4 and then you’re out of ammo.

There were other ideas that came to the table, some of which be familiar to regular readers of my musings.

Singular Resource

Money makes the world go round and in a game where you’ll be taking on the role of Mech Pilots money is everything. You’ll need it to replace broken parts, by new Mechs, pay for transport, skill up, etc and it’ll all cost money. So this system will give everything a price tag, you want a new medium Mech, that’ll be 10 million credits please; you want a d8 Gunnery chip as you keep missing fast targets, sure that’ll be 2 million credits.

Players will need to balance their own upgrades with outfitting their Mechs, or saving some money for a rainy day.


To most players this is very important, this feeling of base and that they haven’t made a terrible choice start off the bat. To achieve this we start out with three classes of Mechs, small, medium and large and assign them different stats.

First pass, if this is horrible let me know.

Class Speed Evasion (Standing) Evasion (Moving) Armour
Small 6 1 3 1
Medium 4 0 2 2
Large 2 -1 1 3

The aim is to make the Smaller Mechs faster and a harder to hit but get eaten alive when they’re hit.

To Hit and Damage

To Hit

Pilot Skill – Evasion >= 4 is a success if >= 8 double damage


Weapon Damage Dice – Armour >= 1 increases heat track if >= 5 increase heat track and roll a heat critical

Type Small Medium Large
Gun d4 d6 d8
Missile d4 d6 d8
Melee d6 d8 d10

This has started getting long, Part 2 to follow.

Art Credit: ianskie1

The Forgotten City

The Dark Entity


A creature from another world, it feeds on the life force of other leaving them as husks.

Its up to you to decide the origin of the creature, picks what suits your story best. The adventure only calls for something evil or twisted:

  • The shadow of a fallen god
  • A tortured soul, new returned as a revenant seeking revenge
  • A demon sent forth to gather essence and then to use this essence to tear open a path for an army of its kind

They should have fearsome powers. The mummified bodies scattered throughout the city are the result of its hunger and not the result of the city being turned into a tomb.

Possible abilities, based on how scary you wish this creature to be:

  • Level drain (a golden oldie that will lose you friends) – If this creature wounds a character it steals a level from them and adds it to itself
  • Life drain – Any damage done to a character is turned into hit points for the entity
  • Possession – This will give it the power to disrupt parties, move without causing alarm and perhaps forward it plans


What will the entity be in your story?

What powers will it have?

The Forgotten City/The Ash Plains

Long ago a proud and powerful city stood at the foot of a mountain. This was a place of great wealth and influence, but some people wanted more as they always do. Deep in the caverns of the mountain a group gathered and worshiped a dark entity. The entity demanded blood and the worshipers obliged, tempted by promises of untold and limitless power. With the blood of the hundredth virgin the entity broke through into our world, creating a massive explosion in the depths of the mountain and reawakening this sleeping volcano.

Now many generations later this city is all but forgotten, faded into myth hidden beneath 100 feet of ash and stone. Until one day a traveler noticed a church spire emerging from the ground, now the race is on to find the cities treasures before someone else does.


This is the beginning of a series into an adventure I’m working on, so more to follow.

Softening the Death Blow

In most games death sucks, so lets look at softening the blow. This was written with Lamentations of the Flame Princess in mind, but will work with any D&D style game. If people are interested I could look at moves for different classes.


Final Strike – As you die make a counter-attack on the creature that killed you – Roll <your level>d6 and apply this as damage to the creature.


Cleansing Fire – Your patron god delivers a vengeful fire through your body in your last moments – Roll 1d6 those of your alignment gain that many hp, those of other alignments lose that many.


Screaming Fissure – Upon your death the chaotic forces you’ve kept at bay break free, centered on your body a dark fissure appears in space and time. Everyone in the area roll vs Paralyze, those that fail are sucked into the fissure and deposited somewhere else.


Always Prepared – Upon your death roll a dice:

Odd. A scrap of paper with the blueprint of a possible trap falls from your pocket

Even. The key to a unknown lock falls from your pocket


Do you do anything to soften the blow of death?

I can also suggest this from James Young: Funerals for the Fallen.

This is something I plan to use as well.


Trinket Table

Trinket Table

Sometimes you want your players to have a little something that has no declared mechanical effect, but could be introduced and defined as the story develops. This was created with Lamentations of the Flame Princess in mind, but will be fine in any fantasy RPG.

D12 Trinket
1 Small Bag of Bones
2 Old Map
3 Unusual Medallion
4 Large Egg
5 Broken Dagger
6 Pouch of Grey Powder
7 Vial of Yellow Liquid
8 Small Animal’s Foot
9 Two Metal Cubes that Attract Each Other
10 Two Smooth Stones
11 Book Written in an Unknown Language
12 Small Crystal Ball

Do you use any trinkets? Or do you give your characters anything beyond the books?

RPG Blog Carnival March 2017: Things in the Dark

My science fiction bend continues, so lets talk about some of the Things in the Dark.

Dark Worlds


Source: Falcon-RawByte on deviantART

Dark Worlds or Rogue Planets are planets not connected to a star and instead orbit the galaxy itself. There could in theory be billions of these objects in our galaxy alone. Let’s do some thinking, on our planet almost all life requires sun light either for itself or for its food source. The bulk of life can also see and require reasonable temperatures to live. So what would a living thing be like that doesn’t require sun light, has no eyes and can exist at sub-zero temperatures be like?

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Crystal Heart

If you’re a fan of comics and Savage Worlds I’d like to make a suggestion to look at the new comic strips from Up to Four Players, Crystal Heart. The idea of the game is that its set in a world where people can replace their hearts with Crystals that give them abilities with some minor hindrances linked to them. They’re also working on teaching Savage Worlds mechanics via the comic as it progresses, at which they’ve been doing a really good job.

The authors suggest a long term goal to publish a supplement for the setting as they’re now officially licensed with Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Which I’m very excited for.

If you like it you like it, if not, no harm.

Recap: Skayria 2 – Chahil’s Mine

In the gloom of the mine shaft our adventurers encounter a crumbed wall and through this opening they can hear movement. Their nostrils fill with the smell of stale air and decay. Passing into the dark passage Senan’s torch began to reflect off specks of red, these specks were appearing and disappearing; then they began to move. Out of the dim light emerged a tide of rats, pouring out of mounds of rot and ruin. A panicked battle brings out in the narrow passage way, many wounds are inflicted but the rats are put to rest.

Moving deeper into the passage way while patching up their wounds, the party miss an opening in the cave wall. Once they pass it by a group of wolves emerge and ambush them, in short order the Ranger is dropped, the Rogue is dropped, and the Bard is dropped. We are left with an injured Monk facing down the remaining wolves – and that’s where our story ends.

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Recap: Skayria 1 – Heroes Rise

More like heroes arrive, but we’ll get to that.

I was asked to post of recaps from our sessions, not sure how one goes about writing this exactly but lets give it a go.

Our heroes are:

Lia Galanodel – The Elven Monk thirsty to drink in the world

Senan – The Human Bard with ties to the old ruling family (not by blood but by association)

Melech – The Tiefling Rogue who is the sole survivor of his clan

Dreg(olas) – The Dragonborn Ranger, cursed with visions of the world ending and hunted because of his race

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