Making Your Game Less Crunchy

Let’s talk about making D&D 5e less crunchy and a little bit smoother.

We’ve all brought new players into the fold over the years and we want to maximize their enjoyment, the way I like to do this is remove the crunchiness that I don’t think adds anything to the game. Feel free to pick and choose the ones you feel will make your life easier and decrease the admin work. I myself pick and choose based on the feel of game I’m going for.

Round All Money To Gold

Don’t hand out coppers and silvers, they’re like pennies they get you almost nothing. Instead round everything to the nearest gold coin this way people aren’t having to split coins or doing math to figure out how much gold 11,756 cp and 4,573 sp are world. This isn’t fun and it’s unnecessary. Off the back of this, I will normally avoid paintings and other art items and instead reward its value in gold. The exception to this is items that will hold some special value to someone in the world.


This is a pain, who cares how much a rope weights; I get that it makes things seem more real, but real is not fun. This is a world where people can break things with their minds and shoot fire from their fingertips. Instead use a rule of thumb, yes you can have 2 swords on your back, a crossbow and all your assorted other items and your rope. No you can’t unload the contents of that broken cart into your backpack. As long as no one is taking the piss this will work out fine.

No Evil Characters Or Special Snowflakes

Evil characters are hard work, they randomly kill npcs and they are very hard to motivate with a story. Just ignore them and rule them out from the start. Do character creation together and lay out the idea of the game before people get started, make it a group experience and this will help to avoid the Special Snowflakes. Should this fail, you’ll need to have a sit down with the snowflake and tell them this isn’t going to work, you’re not running a game for the group and another for them. I’ve been this snowflake in the past and for the first session I didn’t realize it, don’t worry I hate myself for this and it’ll never happen again.

Use The Averages

This is a very D&D 5e focused one, but use the damn averages, don’t roll for every goblins HP and damage; take the average. This keeps things moving fast and brings the round back to the players quickly, which is what your players want.

What changes do you use to make life easier?


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