Making Your Game Less Crunchy Part 2

Let’s continue to make our lives a little easier.

If you haven’t read part one you can find it here: Making Your Game Less Crunchy

Weapon Swapping

I hate the action economy, it’s brought my games to a hold so often. I know it’s a key part of the mechanics of the game, but why does it take us two turns to put one weapon away to draw another. Bugger that, let your players swap from their long sword to long bow with one interaction, then next turn let them go back again. Players who use multiple weapons or have two handed foci like the bard will love you for this. No longer will they have a turn where they can’t attack as they have to swap back to their sword. Flip side of that, when the party run from a greatsword wielding maniac, the maniac can swap to their bow and take shots at their backs in one turn.

Dungeon DC

This is an ease of life change for you and a little bit for your players. When you create a dungeon don’t figure out a DC for every trap, every door and so on. Pick a DC that reflects the difficulty of the dungeon, so easy is DC 10, a little bit harder is DC 12 and then on your bad days DC 25. Why keep a note of everything so that you have to spend time looking up DCs, when you can have one DC per dungeon. One exception being the DCs for combat, a big stompy monster should still be a big stompy monster. Start a dungeon with, “OK everyone any actions that require a roll in this dungeon will be DC 12.”; everyone is on the same page and players know if they’ve succeeded in a roll the moment the dice hit the table.

Ignore None Magical Ammo

If you have an archer don’t make them count arrows, it’s no fun and they probably won’t do it anyway. Plus on a long dungeon crawl they could fire tonnes of arrows. When it comes to magical arrows count these, if they have one arrow that can blind a guy cool that guy’s blind, but that arrow is gone now. At least until the end of the encounter, depending on how mean you’re feeling.


What things do you remove to make your lives easier?


2 thoughts on “Making Your Game Less Crunchy Part 2

  1. per the rules magical ammo is gone after you use it. I don’t keep track of ammo otherwise (roll a one and its gone). I really like the one DC idea, I’ll be using that a lot in the future.


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