The Road is a Dangerous Place

3 Roadside encounters for your fantasy game

Mysterious Town

Taking a path the party has taken a dozen times, they find themselves outside a town that has never been there before. Everything about the places looks normal other than one or two strange things, candle flames are green, the cats are the size of dogs, etc. Little do the party realise they’ve crossed the veil to another world.

Perhaps a powerful spell was cast here weakening the veil between the worlds or maybe there is a strange alignment of the planets that will pass and trap them here.

Traveling Apothecary

At the side of the road is a man mixing potions, upon seeing the party he rushes over peddling his wares. Shaking everyone’s hands, then stopping seeing something in the face of one of the group, “You sir have stone blight.. Yes yes worst case I’ve seen in years. Has the coughing started yet, mmm, not yet and you haven’t hit the blindness stage yet either, that’s fortunate. You’ll need a bottle of my cure all, only 10g a bottle. Your friends will need some too of course.” The party will move on, but about two hours later, the character that the peddler spoke to will begin to cough, violently. Returning to the peddler, the cure all is now 10 times the price.

The party might have genuinely picked up some ailment that the man could spot, but I prefer the idea that he had coated his hands with a mixture or was breathing some poison onto the character, infecting them with something that only he has the cure for.

The Chained Tree

It’s late, but the party are finding their way back to civilization via the light of the full moon. In the distance they hear some shouts. Should they investigate or not doesn’t matter much; as entering the next clearing they’ll find a tree ringed in broken chains.

These chains might have been the cold iron needed to cage a demon or spirit within the tree and now that spell is broken. I prefer the idea that it was a Werewolf trying to cage themselves before their change, but the chains broke and now they’re out in the wilderness killing or might be watching the party right now.


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