Recap: Skayria 1 – Heroes Rise

More like heroes arrive, but we’ll get to that.

I was asked to post of recaps from our sessions, not sure how one goes about writing this exactly but lets give it a go.

Our heroes are:

Lia Galanodel – The Elven Monk thirsty to drink in the world

Senan – The Human Bard with ties to the old ruling family (not by blood but by association)

Melech – The Tiefling Rogue who is the sole survivor of his clan

Dreg(olas) – The Dragonborn Ranger, cursed with visions of the world ending and hunted because of his race

They have all answered the call of the Baron of Bedegar (might have borrowed some place names from Matt Colville. If you have the time he does some great rpg related videos, but I digress) to hire adventures; they’ll be provided lodgings and money and in return they’re required to shore up the defenses of the outlying settlements. This need arising due to the Barons forces joining in the defense of the neighboring Barony of Dalrath.

Due to Senan’s charm the group get an audience with the Baron as part of her performances as they pass through Bedegar. They also meet some of the big wigs of the area. The next day they continue their trip to the village of Fallon’s Hold; once they arrive they meet the Mayor, a grumpy older man by the name of Otos Linard and his bodyguard Jarman. After a short introduction (the mayor has seen a number of adventurers come and go as part the barons plan and doesn’t have high hopes), he then sends them further on down the road to help with attacks in Chahil’s mines. Jarman being a bit more generous takes the party via the inn to drop their travelling gear and introduce them to Corra Halfmoon the inn keep. While grabbing a meal some of the locals make themselves known to Senan (ie she jumps into their conversation and tells them a tale of adventure); the boy Sandon is wide eyed at the stories and Thorak the old soldier enjoys a good story but can see the flair being added in.

Our adventurers continue to the mine and are taken to the tunnels where the attacks are happening by Chahil himself, he leaves them as they head into the darkened tunnel; his parting words are “If you find the last group of adventurers I’m sure someone is missing them.”.



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