Recap: Skayria 2 – Chahil’s Mine

In the gloom of the mine shaft our adventurers encounter a crumbed wall and through this opening they can hear movement. Their nostrils fill with the smell of stale air and decay. Passing into the dark passage Senan’s torch began to reflect off specks of red, these specks were appearing and disappearing; then they began to move. Out of the dim light emerged a tide of rats, pouring out of mounds of rot and ruin. A panicked battle brings out in the narrow passage way, many wounds are inflicted but the rats are put to rest.

Moving deeper into the passage way while patching up their wounds, the party miss an opening in the cave wall. Once they pass it by a group of wolves emerge and ambush them, in short order the Ranger is dropped, the Rogue is dropped, and the Bard is dropped. We are left with an injured Monk facing down the remaining wolves – and that’s where our story ends.

Well at least the end of the story for the wolves; as the Monk destroys the last of them with their bare hands. The group is pieced back together and shelters into a small corner of the caves to rest up and tend to their wounds. After their break they press on, in the next area they find themselves in a room of smooth stone and simple architecture. Standing before them are the two statues and the ruins of a third. On one side stands a Human Male and the other an Elven Female, between then is the rubble of smashed third small statue. In the rubble of this statue 5 strange looking coins are found, they bear the image of a face partially scratched off. They surmise that the remaining statues denote The Lord and The Mage, two of the gods of their world; but the third ruined statue is unfamiliar.

From this room the group find a narrow passageway, a few steps into it, they find a pit open in the floor. This pit gives off displeasing odour as impaled upon its spikes is the body of a miner. The grace and has the group move on here into a darkened room with scratching noises, shortly after entering they’re assaulted by a Dire Wolf. In an attempt to prove themselves after their previous encounter, they law this creature low in a matter of seconds with barely a scratch to their persons.

Among the ruin of this room they find the missing miners, the lost adventurers and scattered around the room the loose pages of a leather bound journal.

Our session ends as they collect any items of use to them and make their way back to the surface.


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