RPG Blog Carnival March 2017: Things in the Dark

My science fiction bend continues, so lets talk about some of the Things in the Dark.

Dark Worlds


Source: Falcon-RawByte on deviantART

Dark Worlds or Rogue Planets are planets not connected to a star and instead orbit the galaxy itself. There could in theory be billions of these objects in our galaxy alone. Let’s do some thinking, on our planet almost all life requires sun light either for itself or for its food source. The bulk of life can also see and require reasonable temperatures to live. So what would a living thing be like that doesn’t require sun light, has no eyes and can exist at sub-zero temperatures be like?

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Crystal Heart

If you’re a fan of comics and Savage Worlds I’d like to make a suggestion to look at the new comic strips from Up to Four Players,¬†Crystal Heart. The idea of the game is that its set in a world where people can replace their hearts with Crystals that give them abilities with some minor hindrances linked to them. They’re also working on teaching Savage Worlds mechanics via the comic as it progresses, at which they’ve been doing a really good job.

The authors suggest a long term goal to publish a supplement for the setting as they’re now officially licensed¬†with Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Which I’m very excited for.

If you like it you like it, if not, no harm.