Mech Game Concept


This is all concept and is likely changing (in my head) as I write this.

I’ve been pondering on a game concept, I love science fiction and know doesn’t want to wreak havoc in a huge stompy robot every once and awhile. It began with an idea for a mechanic; which I’m sure someone has had before me but it’s not one I’ve encountered in the real world.

Descending Dice

Lets use ammo for this one, you fire your weapons on a round and instead of track each bullet you roll a dice. You currently have d10 ammo and after you fire your weapon you roll a d10, on a one you drop down a dice to d8. This continues on until you roll a 1 on a d4 and then you’re out of ammo.

There were other ideas that came to the table, some of which be familiar to regular readers of my musings.

Singular Resource

Money makes the world go round and in a game where you’ll be taking on the role of Mech Pilots money is everything. You’ll need it to replace broken parts, by new Mechs, pay for transport, skill up, etc and it’ll all cost money. So this system will give everything a price tag, you want a new medium Mech, that’ll be 10 million credits please; you want a d8 Gunnery chip as you keep missing fast targets, sure that’ll be 2 million credits.

Players will need to balance their own upgrades with outfitting their Mechs, or saving some money for a rainy day.


To most players this is very important, this feeling of base and that they haven’t made a terrible choice start off the bat. To achieve this we start out with three classes of Mechs, small, medium and large and assign them different stats.

First pass, if this is horrible let me know.

Class Speed Evasion (Standing) Evasion (Moving) Armour
Small 6 1 3 1
Medium 4 0 2 2
Large 2 -1 1 3

The aim is to make the Smaller Mechs faster and a harder to hit but get eaten alive when they’re hit.

To Hit and Damage

To Hit

Pilot Skill – Evasion >= 4 is a success if >= 8 double damage


Weapon Damage Dice – Armour >= 1 increases heat track if >= 5 increase heat track and roll a heat critical

Type Small Medium Large
Gun d4 d6 d8
Missile d4 d6 d8
Melee d6 d8 d10

This has started getting long, Part 2.

Art Credit: ianskie1


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