Review: Uncharted Worlds – Far Beyond Humanity


Far Beyond Humanity is an supplement for the popular Uncharted Worlds (follow the link to read our review).

The book is broken up into 8 Districts (Chapters), so lets run through them.

District 01 – Central

Here we have tips for designing your campaign to account for different styles or new character facets brought in with the new material. There is also some changes to the long term advancement, with (the much needed) new advancement system. You can store up xp and spend it on an array of things such as creating a new plan with the GMs help, creating a new workspace, etc. I really like, it just feels good, organic and gives you some fun options.

District 02 – Judicial

Updated and Additional Rules. Main highlights are updated Cramped Quarters, Fuel Shortage and the new Magic rules.

District 03 – Industrial

Big ticket items are Cybernetic Modules, the SectorNet (because who can live without the internet), alternate FTL travel and Vessels.

Alternate FTL Travel

This kind of thing is my bag, we have three options covered here, Warp Travel, Gate Travel and No FTL travel. Each of these will give you wildly different settings in my opinions. With a gate system no one goes into the void between the gates, so who knows what lurks out there in the black, unless your fool hearty enough to try the experimental warp drives out.

We also get a variation of the Wild Jumps for each.


Are a huge variant of the exist vehicles. In the original you would build a Leman Russ in this you build a Baneblade.

District 04 – Slums

This is where the bad guys live. Here we have a guide for Villians and Overwhelming foes. Along with Horror and Trauma. Space is a dangerous place, red shirt.

District 05 – Residential

This is the meat and potatoes of the book, the characters section.

New careers include the Psychic (you can guess what their up to), the Shaper who can manipulate the very reality you share with them. There is 5 others for you to enjoy when you grab your copy.

Five new Origins including the Programmed, meaning you could be a ticking time bomb waiting on the trigger word to set you off.

In case you haven’t already, you should buy the book now.

District 06 – Immigration

This chapter focuses on the creation of new aliens and their societies. Kirks going to need someone to be making out with after all.

District 07 – Commercial

Here you get a guide to create a varied market across your campaign. Followed by standard assets and a shed load of new asset tags to keep your loot junkies happy.

District 08 – Theatre

A thank you to the kickstarter backers.


If you own Uncharted Worlds and you play it, this is a must have; simple as that. Conclusion done. If you don’t own Uncharted Worlds, go get that, play it and then get this book.

Drivethrurpg: Uncharted Worlds – Far Beyond Humanity

Hope I helped. See you in the black.

Additional: I’ve been asked if the book solves the disjointed faction rules, sadly not; fingers crossed for Carta Galaxia.


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