Mech Game Concept, Part 2


That first post started to get pretty dense. Time to turn this into a series.

Here is the first post.


With the aim of this game having some tactical options we have three classes of actions; half turn, full turn actions and special.

Half Turn Actions


Move up to your speed, this activates your evasion modifier.


Attack a target with one of your weapons. You can only use each weapon once per round.

Full Turn Actions

Hunker Down

Sacrifice your movement to stand still and double your armour for the turn.


Reduce your heat by one step but reduce your armour by half rounded down for the turn.


Move at twice your speed plus a 1d6 of extra movement.

Special Actions

Some equipment will afford you special abilities. Many of these will be paid for using the support equipment budget for the mission. This might be supporting troops of the factions you’re working as a mercenary for or it might be your a ship in orbit; either way you need to manage this budget.

Ammo Drop

Consume one support equipment and drop in an ammo container on a square of your choice. The drop appears at the start of the next round. This action takes half a turn.

Ammo containers increase your ammo dice by two steps.

Artillery Strike

Call in remote artillery support by consuming one support equipment. The shells strike the location at the start of the next round dealing 2d10 damage. This action takes half a turn.

Art Credit: Progv


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