RPG Blog Carnival August 2017: Magic


Art Credit: JeeHyung lee

In this months Blog Carnival hosted by Kobold Press we’re talking about magic. I don’t get to play a PC too often but when I do I enjoy playing the Caster/Mage/Nano/etc. I don’t want to be the most powerful person in the group or have an arm full of damaging spells, I want options. Magic gives me options, and boy do I love options. I’m not someone who gets analysis paralysis, in most situations I’m running on instinct.

Interesting Magic System

Interesting solely for its explanation of magic (as its mechanical implementation is only OK) is Numenera. It talks about things like a world filled with Nano machines floating invisibly in the air. These machines can be moulded or directed into different actions; this can be done by people born with certain abilities, those that have plugged pieces of Numenera (old world tech) in them, etc.

These machines could be ordered to attack a person or create fire as most system do, but lets think about the affect of these being tiny machines has on your abilities. If you teleport for example, you’re being devoured in one location and rebuilt atom by atom in another. But to an outside observer, you just moved from one place to another in an instant. Lets not get into quantum mechanics and discuss that this isn’t you anymore.

Favourite Magic System

I really enjoyed the magic system in Dragon Age from Green Ronin, it’s simple. You have magic points that you can spend to activate your abilities and there are some fun ones to pick from. A favourite of mine being:


These magic points regenerate with time, but as you advance you could choose to go down the route of Blood Magic. Where you pull the life force from someone to power your abilities.


Art Credit: Green Ronin (not sure which artist)

Now some of you will tell me about other games that have similar systems, for example Savage Worlds. I’d love to hear about them. And also if you haven’t played Savage Worlds, you really should, its my go to generic rule system.


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