RPG Blog Carnival August 2017: Magic


Art Credit: JeeHyung lee

In this months Blog Carnival hosted by Kobold Press we’re talking about magic. I don’t get to play a PC too often but when I do I enjoy playing the Caster/Mage/Nano/etc. I don’t want to be the most powerful person in the group or have an arm full of damaging spells, I want options. Magic gives me options, and boy do I love options. I’m not someone who gets analysis paralysis, in most situations I’m running on instinct. Continue reading


RPG Blog Carnival March 2017: Things in the Dark

My science fiction bend continues, so lets talk about some of the Things in the Dark.

Dark Worlds


Source: Falcon-RawByte on deviantART

Dark Worlds or Rogue Planets are planets not connected to a star and instead orbit the galaxy itself. There could in theory be billions of these objects in our galaxy alone. Let’s do some thinking, on our planet almost all life requires sun light either for itself or for its food source. The bulk of life can also see and require reasonable temperatures to live. So what would a living thing be like that doesn’t require sun light, has no eyes and can exist at sub-zero temperatures be like?

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RPG BLOG CARNIVAL AUGUST 2016: Super-Science & Sorcery

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

This quote carries a lot of weight as we discuss Super-Science and Sorcery, I don’t think we would need to go back very far into our past with a smart phone before we’d be getting burned at a stake for turning on the torch; let alone playing music. Maybe there isn’t a difference between the two and our understanding of which side of the coin an event falls is decided by our advancement. I know, I know, I’ve kinda stretched that quote into a paragraph, but I wanted its point to be clear.

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