Review: Uncharted Worlds – Far Beyond Humanity


Far Beyond Humanity is an supplement for the popular Uncharted Worlds (follow the link to read our review).

The book is broken up into 8 Districts (Chapters), so lets run through them.

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Review: Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

Before we get into this, I have to say, the book is beautiful. I can’t think of the last book I’ve gotten that was this nice looking. This review is going to be in two pieces the first will cover the book by itself and the second will cover the game in practice.


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Review: Uncharted Worlds


Powered by The Apocalypse has a special place in my heart, I sadly don’t get to play it as much as I’d like (the versions that include sex moves are right off the table for my usual group). I’m also really into Sci-fi, dipping my toes into Fantasy every once and while but mainly I want to run games with ships, lasers, explosions, trading, fleet battles and more explosions. So when on Drivethrurpg I encountered Uncharted Worlds, I got very excited. In the span of about 2 hours I had bought, downloaded and read the whole book; needless to say I think I’m in love.

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