Weapons of Myth: Caladbolg


In Myth

I’m still looking at Irish Myth, but this sword or at least its name got around a bit appearing in Irish, Welsh and English myth. First to Ireland; it appears as the weapon Fergus mac Róich a man who really couldn’t keep it in his pants and had the sword taken from him for sleeping with the wife of Ailill mac Máta (king of the Connachta).

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Weapons of Myth: Fragarach

Weapons of Myth is going to be a series of posts on various weapons from myth and legend. We’ll discuss their origins, where they have appeared in popular culture and end with stated item for our game.


Our first few will be weapons from Irish Mythology, being Irish I wanted an excuse to look into these weapons more. So today Fragarach, or commonly known as ‘The Answerer’; which is connected to one of its abilities. It was said that if Fragarach was held to your throat you could not lie (I feel this would be true of most blades, but that’s just me). The weapon was crafted by the gods and wielded by Manannan Mac Lir the sea god (Mac Lir meaning “son of the sea”). Fragarach tended to move around and at one time found its way into the hands of Cúchulainn, Ireland’s answer to hercules.

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